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At Conduit Voice, we believe in the power of storytelling. With decades of experience in the digital media landscape, our team is dedicated to bringing your brand’s story to life. From the bustling streets of Halifax to the serene landscapes of Atlantic Canada, we’ve helped businesses connect with their audience through compelling audio and video content. Our mission? To create, engage, and connect in a digital world.

But, why though?

 If something is important to us, we talk about it. We show it off! The tone in which your group communicates with its intended audience is absolutely crucial to your communications success. Is it a video intended as a promotion for a new business? A podcast for your organization used to spread awareness or to communicate educational materials to a cohort of learners? Together, Let’s create the right digital content that connects your audience to you and what you do!

Our Areas Expertise

We can help anyone whose looking to deliver a high impact, effective message that generates results.

Video Production

Transform your vision into cinematic excellence. Our video production services are tailored to capture the essence of your brand, ensuring every frame resonates with your audience.

Audio Production

Sound matters. From crisp voice-overs to immersive engineering, our audio production ensures your message is heard loud and clear.


Digital Marketing

More than just visuals. We dive deep into your brand’s ethos, crafting strategies that align with your goals and resonate with your target demographic.


Showcasing Our Craft

Every project tells a story. Dive into our portfolio and explore the diverse range of brands we’ve collaborated with. From corporate narratives to evocative commercials, our work speaks for itself.

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Let’s collaborate and embark on a journey of creative exploration together. Let’s craft content that resonates, engages, and leaves a lasting impact on your audience.