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Are you an author or publisher with a need to convert your copy into the Audio format? Maybe you’ve looked at Audible and thought “I would LOVE to have my book up there!”  It’s a great opportunity for you to distribute your message to even more readers/listeners and it is also a great opportunity for us to work together to help make sure the voice reading your message gets the message right! Different voices, tones or inflections for your characters are important and help the listener to further immerse themselves in your writing. That is the fun part as we get to hear your characters come to life together!Our formatting and recording process also allows you to take the audio version of your book we collaborate on and take it directly to Audible! No messing around with sound studios to get all of the mastering done right as we do all  editing in-house and follow Audibles Audio Standards guidelines. We ensure each project is Audible-ready at the time of fulfillment. 

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